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Ballots of Notable People: Andrew Carne’s Disendorsements for All!

Note: These are my personal views, and not necessarily that of the Insiders editorial team. Those of you who’ve talked with me lately might notice an air of ‘not caring’ is more prevalent these days. I have in fact been trying to reduce my addiction to student politics, but elections are trying. That said, it’s [...]

What Referendum?

Did you know the AMS is currently planning a swath of referenda for the fall? Probably not, as the process has up to now been shrouded in secrecy. Questions are rumoured to include student fee increases, bylaw changes, adjustments to executive turnover, and more. How the AMS Exec would like you to vote.

BoG Holds Extraordinary Meeting to Pass CUS Fee

The UBC Board of Governors will be holding an extraordinary Board Committee meeting tomorrow, April 21st, to approve the new Commerce student fees and a Board 3 for the Sauder building upgrades (agenda). It’s important to note that the date-stamp on the agenda is April 19th. This means that there was only two days of [...]

BoG Breakdown – Mar. 23 Meeting

.smtable th { background-color: #d0d0d0; padding: 5px; } table.smtable { border: 1px solid #c0c0c0; border-spacing: 2px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; font-size: smaller; } .smtable td { background-color: #efefef; padding: 5px; } .footnote { font-size: smaller; } The Board of Governors meeting for March/April has once again rolled around. Today is the Board Committees Meeting, with [...]

Engineers Vote: All Candidate Forum Coverage

p { margin-bottom: 2px; } The EUS Elections Coverage by Bowinn Ma. • EUS President 2007-2008 • AMS Councilor 2006-2008 • EUS Vice-President Internal 2006-2007 • EUS Executive Social Coordinator 2005-2006 Currently an Arts student, Bowinn is two years removed from the EUS. For reference, she and her government brought Engineering such initiatives and services [...]

AMS Electoral Fraud: The Technical Perspective

This is part one of a two-part editorial series on the recently revealed AMS Electoral Fraud. While many of our readers have probably read the preliminary report issued by the Elections Committee, and were possibly even present at the last Council meeting, there hasn’t been a detailed technical explanation provided about exactly how the system [...]

Race Profile: Board of Governors

. UBC Insiders Analysis Click here to skip to profiles of the candidates in this race. The 21-member Board of Governors at UBC is composed of “the Chancellor, the President, eleven persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (representing the province), three students elected by students, three faculty members elected by faculty, and two [...]

Referendum: Bylaw Changes

Aside from the referendum question to modify bylaws regarding Student Court, a second question exists with Bylaw Changes. These changes are for the most part “housekeeping” changes and are intended to close loopholes and update the Bylaws to be legally compliant with the BC Society Act. The heart of the changes are centered around altering [...]

Referendum: Impeachments

The following is a guest post by Bowinn Ma, EUS President 2007-2008; AMS Councilor 2006-2008; Former Hack, less so now. One of the roles of guest writers is to change things up, and change things up I shall! The UBC Insiders team has done a magnificent job of creating thorough, professional, and complete postings, but [...]

How to Cast Your Ballot This Year

With voting for AMS Elections opening in just over one week, we sat down with Ricardo Bortolon, Chief Returning Officer, to get the details on how students will be voting. In summary, the key points for this year are: 1. No paper balloting (except affiliated colleges) 2. 15 minute voting time limit – research candidates [...]

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