Council Poll 2011!

At the Jan 12 AMS Council meeting, we took a poll of councilors to see how they would vote if the election were that day. As an experiment, we used a two-sided ballot: First Past the Post on one side and Condorcet results on the other. Results below.

First Past the Post Results

Winners are in bold.


Jeremy McElroy, 18; Michael Moll 3; Omar Shaban 2; Jeremichael Molleroy 1

VP Administration

Mike Silley 17; Kathy Yan Li 3; Gordon Katic 2

VP Academic & University Affairs

Justin Yang 20; Matt Parson 2; Jennifer Wang 1

VP External

Mitch Wright 11; Katherine Tyson 10; Rory Breasail 2

VP Finance

Elin Tayyar 20; Arash Ehteshami 5

Board of Governors

Sean Heisler 18; Ben Cappellacci 13; Sumedha Sharma 11; Sassan Sangsari 3; AJ Hajir Hajian 1


Justin Yang 19; Spencer Rasmussen 17; Thomas Brennan 14; AJ Hajir Hajian 12; Ryan Bredin 11; Matthew Campbell 8; Eric DiStefano 7; Imran Habib 4

Condorcet Results


Jeremy Michael Jeremichael Omar
Jeremy beats x 18 22 20
Michael beats 4 x 14 12
Jeremichael beats 1 7 x 11
Omar beats 3 8 9 x

Winner: Jeremy > Jeremichael > Michael > Omar

VP Admin

Gordon Mike Kath¥
Gordon beats x 4 8
Mike beats 16 x 18
Kath¥ beats 10 2 x

Winner: Mike > Kath¥ > Gordon

VP Academic & University Affairs

Matt Jennifer Justin
Matt beats x 15 3
Jennifer beats 4 x 2
Justin beats 16 18 x

Winner: Justin > Matt > Jennifer

VP External

Rory Katherine Mitch
Rory beats x 9 4
Katherine beats 12 x 12
Mitch beats 16 10 x

Winner: Katherine > Mitch > Rory

The VP External race, by far the closest, actually yields different results depending on whether FPTP or condorcet is used. Admittedly, the sample size is small, but still, proof of principle win. In close races, condorcet isn’t just a gimmick.


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  1. Neal, this is so nerdy.

    Posted by Justin | January 18, 2011, 9:19 am
  2. What’s funny here is that either:

    1. There’s strategy at play in the FPP ballot.
    2. People aren’t voting consistently between the ballots, based on their own preferences.

    Those are the only two explanations for why Mitch gets the most ‘firsts’ in the FPP ballot, yet less in the Condorcet one. Rory also becomes a significant threat in the Condorcet ballot, almost edging out Katie, while in the FPP ballot, he’s a Nader.

    Posted by Alex Lougheed | January 18, 2011, 9:24 am
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