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Hospice to go ahead at current site, despite UNA opposition

A Board of Governors agenda item released today indicates that, despite vocal opposition from some residents at the nearby Promontory high-rise, plans to build a 15-bed hospice on the UBC campus will go ahead at its current location across from Thunderbird Stadium.

SUS election results

SUS Elections: Some final notes.

SUS and AUS elections are drawing to a close today – but if you’re in Science and haven’t voted, I’d consider doing so.

AMS Referendum Results

The question everyone was waiting for: The fee changes passed by 52%.

Candidates announced for SUS elections

Candidates running in the Science Undergraduate Society general elections were announced at the all-candidates’ meeting today.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Endorse “Yes” for the Fee Referendum

Actual deficits mean actual cuts.

The Upcoming Referenda: Why you should care about more than just the U-Pass

No other (public) university student union in BC allows its Council to seal records at the policy level. If this change goes through as currently drafted, the AMS could become the least open university student society in BC.

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