Bomb Threats Hamper ex-UBC Student’s Career Prospects

On January 15, 2015, the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) posted a decision dismissing a complaint from former UBC student Hwi Lee. Lee made the news in 2008-09 for emailing a bomb threats to the university, causing a lockdown of the Biosciences building. Lee plead guilty in 2009 to charges of uttering threats and mischief and was given a suspended sentence.

According to the BCHRT complaint, Lee had been enrolled at SFU in “a teacher education/training program made up of course work and practicum”. Lee’s complaint centres around the fact that SFU required him to disclose his prior conviction to schools at which he might do a practicum. No school accepted Lee for a practicum placement and he was therefore unable to complete the program. It appears instead that he was given a a part-time position by SFU, working there from January to April, 2014.

The BCHRT dismissed the complaint because it had not been filed within 6 months of the alleged contravention and never examined the actual dispute.


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