AMS Council Agenda: July 14, 2010

Speaking as someone who has read the budget in way too much detail: there are a number of really bad things going on with this budget which will be explained in a separate post, and probably be even better explained by the Ubyssey. Basically it boils down to the fact that execs were raising the alarm about the precarious financial situation of the AMS a few months ago, making lots of cuts to services and promising cuts to exec budgets as well. Now that the actual budget has arrived, the cuts to services are still there but exec budgets have actually increased, with a lot of the money finding its way into slush funds and executive perks. Even if you don’t mind the increased exec budgets (though I don’t know why you wouldn’t), the false pretenses put forward for the whole process is offensive.

BAFCOM motions

*An extra $1000 (from $5k to $6k) for the renovation of 42A.
*An extra $350 (from $2k to $2350) for installing safety rails.
*Up to $3,500 to renovate the 249 service centre
*Up to $2,500 to renovate the public computer terminals

Executive Benefits

Be it resolved that the members of the executive, and the ECSS have their compensation changed to add the following: The ability to be reimbursed for expenses not covered under their healthcare coverage that would be provided under the extended healthcare plan that the AMS’s permanent staff revive, up to $1200 per annum.

This is one of the aforementioned exec perks being proposed. Their argument is that it will simply bring them in line with other full time AMS employees. I’d argue that, although they work full-time, their primary identity should still be as a student (whom they are supposed to represent), not as an AMS employee. The execs are eligible for the AMS Health and Dental plan. My question to the execs: is that not an adequate health plan?

(To make matters worse, rumours also abound about cuts to the student health plan next year.)

Elections Administrator

Trying to get an early jump on things because they are planning referenda for October, the AMS is hiring their EA now. There’s no name provided; interviews hadn’t been completed when the agenda came out. Who’s the (un)lucky person this year?

Committee Appointments

1 student-at-large seat on the University & External Relations Committee and 2 student-at-large seats on the Education Committee are up for grabs. Catch: the appointments are very short, ending at the first council meeting in September 2010.

Also available: 2 councilor spots on the UBC Ombuds Advisory Committee


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  1. I don’t remember how many times I tried to make the point last year that the fear of financial crisis in the AMS was merely fabricated as an excuse to cut progressive programs, including the Safety and Equity offices. It’s an obvious trick that’s used by politicians all the time. Now you can clearly see that the real motivation for the cuts was even worse – to increase the financial benefits for executives. Even Tom Dvorak last year advocated against such foolish and selfish measures. I thought that one effect I might have left on the AMS was to create a Council that viciously scrutinizes the activities and motivations of the executive. Councilors, however, are apparently more intent on making the AMS even less relevant to students.

    Posted by Blake | August 19, 2010, 9:39 pm
  2. some coordinators make good money… lucky people

    Posted by Eddy | August 19, 2010, 9:39 pm
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