UBC Insiders hits the airwaves

Neal and I are excited to announce a new project connected to the blog: UBC Insiders On-Air. It’s a weekly news, analysis, and interview podcast on UBC current affairs, hosted by Neal and myself. Unsubstantiated gossip, ridicule, and dramatic re-tellings of interesting moments might be thrown in if sufficiently juicy. The goal: corner people with fair but not easy to answer questions, and don’t let them squirm out of it, all while hanging out (but consuming no beverages) in CiTR’s swish new studios. The website will still be updated as usual, so no worries there. For me, this is a way to get back to being involved in UBC Insiders, but in a different way than back in 2007-8. It’s cool to be back, and it’s been pretty rad connecting with Neal who’s been maintaining and making the UBC-i platform better and more powerful the way nobody else could.

We are in the middle of pitching UBC Insiders On-AirĀ  to CiTR (UBC’s campus radio station), so we hope it will be on the public airwaves and on their awesome podcasting platform soon. In the meantime, we recorded our first show yesterday, and we’re pretty pumped to get it out there. I will disclaim that we are both novices at the whole radio production thing, but we’re pretty proud of our first kick at the can and I hope you enjoy it.

This week: Ubyssey coordinating editor Will McDonald joins us for news roundups and discussion, and AMS Prez Aron Bailey is in the hotseat.

Let us know what you think, or a the very least say something mean about our choice of intro/extro music!

We’re not on iTunes yet, but if you have a podcast app that lets you manually subscribe, use this address to get every episode delivered to you: http://ubcinsiders.podbean.com/feed/


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