Endorsement: Erin Rennie for the win!

Erin Rennie. The posture of a winner! Photo Gerald Deo

Tim beat me to the punch, but I swear my draft was here first. I decided to vote for Erin Rennie yesterday at around 12:15. Tim’s got good reasons to choose her; I feel similarly. She’s got council experience, reams of brains, and a far better personality for leadership and engagement than either Matt or Mike. It doesn’t take much to see through some of her more humorous polemics to realize that Erin actually gets politics, and gets students. She wont be beset by her adversaries’ respective problems. Problems which to me, are a fair bit too serious to just hold your nose and vote for. She’s the best for the job. Simple enough. Other people have told me that while Erin Rennie is the best candidate, there’s no point endorsing her because she can’t win. To this I call bullshit. Look to the sidebar poll – yeah it’s utterly unscientific, but I don’t think people were joking when they chose Erin in the poll. Erin for the Win!!

My other endorsements coming soon.


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