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Elections Results: photos and mockery.

Last night, I took photos. This morning, I mock people. You know you like it. Aaron from UBC Devils, undoubtedly plotting. Austin from UBC Devils. I’m a firm believer in keeping one’s friends close and their enemies closer. Andrew Forshner, of whom I cannot take a photo without it looking like he’s singing. Stef Ratjen, [...]

January 17th: Debate photos and commentary.

One of the things people most frequently mention about UBC Insiders is that the posts are often wordy, and lacking in sass. This should remediate both of those. photos and comments behind the cut (warning, there’s lots!)Ubyssey staff Brandon Adams and Jesse Ferreras, huddling before the debates start. Or exchanging sweet nothings. Not that there’s [...]

Here they are, the execs of next year

The people have spoken. I have a really really good feeling about the execs next year. In particular, I think with Sarah Naiman’s energy for student life and Brittany Tyson’s keen and savvy mind the two can work very well together in working to engage the students. The “Video screen idea” from Sarah Naiman which [...]

Important!! Breaking!! News!!

So we’re trying to liveblog the AMS elections debate. It ain’t working. So we present you with this video of Jeff Friedrich (candidate for President and BoG) snorting a condom up his nose and back out his mouth. Enjoy!

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