January 17th: Debate photos and commentary.

One of the things people most frequently mention about UBC Insiders is that the posts are often wordy, and lacking in sass. This should remediate both of those.

photos and comments behind the cut (warning, there’s lots!)

debates jan 17 2
Ubyssey staff Brandon Adams and Jesse Ferreras, huddling before the debates start. Or exchanging sweet nothings. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

debates jan 17 3
Michael Duncan secretly wishes that the Presidential election was, in fact, a big hair competition.

debates jan 17 4
confidential to DP: telling girls about the size of your hydrant is a bad idea.

debates jan 17 5
Che Allison’s Head of Police forcibly ejects AUS President Stephanie Ryan.
I support the intention and the action and hope to see Stephanie more frequently bodily removed from things.

debates jan 17 6
Mike hones his “monkey see, monkey do” skills as Erin promises to fight the War on Fun.

debates jan 17 7
There was a point being made here, but I’ve forgotten it. Also, it’s not a very good photo. I’m sorry.

debates jan 17 8
Maayan asks a question, as Shawn from Eat Cake erroneously thinks that he looks better in maroon.

debates jan 17 9
Brittany promised violence upon my person if I said anything mean about her, and I figure she’d be at least as thorough at that as she was as VPF…

debates jan 17 10
Brendon watches the debates as Jeff watches us. Because Jeff is watching us all.

debates jan 17 11
Paging Dr. Freud!

debates jan 17 12
I don’t want his lucky charms.

debates jan 17 13
Chris Diplock, throwing down fresh rhymes and phat beats during the VPF debate.

debates jan 17 14
Sarah Naiman watches the debates while enjoying a “baby roll”, one of the items on the Honor Roll’s secret menu. It’s made out of babies.

debates jan 17 15
Enraged at being caught in the act of eating a baby, Sarah goes after the wrong member of the media. Luckily, Brandon survived.

debates jan 17 16
Tough questions. Reasonably priced drinks. What more could you want in a debate?

debates jan 17 17
Stef Ratjen, VPX candidate that Jesse Ferreras has neatly disassembled.

debates jan 17 18
Freeman Poritz, VPX candidate that Jesse Ferreras has neatly disassembled.

debates jan 17 19
Some of the Senate candidates look away as Colin Simkus tries to serenade the moderator. Alex Lougheed is definitely taking mental notes.

debates jan 17 21
Being on the elections committee Listening to would-be senators read their resumes would also drive me to drinking. I hope Tariq comes out of this with an intact liver.


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