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The Presidential Debate Video

Voting is now open. Cast your ballot now! Insiders would like to offer a huge thanks to our partner, the Ubyssey, the moderator, Geoff Costeloe, the hosts, the UBC Centre for Student Involvement, and our supporters, AMS Elections. We saw an attendance of over 70 live in the house in this first-ever event. Note: the [...]

Photos! January 20 Debate

Rabi Sun, the man behind the much-beloved Portraits of UBC project, and the Just Shoot Me blog was kind enough to help out UBC Insiders with some debate photography last week. This is a huge step up for us, as it means not only are the pictures in focus (something we struggle with), they are [...]

Sneak Peek: The Point Grill

The Point Grill, located at Marine Drive residence, is UBC Food’s newest restaurant, and is set to open very soon. The always adorable Andrew Parr was nice enough to give myself and Rabi Sun (of Portraits of UBC and Just Shoot Me fame) a sneak peek at what was going in there. Although the official [...]

Three Questions for the President

Before Imagine day, I managed to sit down with Presidents Toope and Frederick to ask them three questions: 1. How will the Class of 2013′s UBC experience differ from the Class of 2010′s? 2. What is the value of an incoming undergraduate to the University? 3. Why did the entering class decide to come to [...]

results photos!

I’ve got them up here; there might be a commentary post up later but it seems sort of silly given what’s going on.


I’ve got photos from Jello Wrestling here, and will have more from the last debates up later today as well as commentary on both events. Before that, though, I should get some sleep.

Debates, January 27

Today’s debates were definitely the most sparsely attended, as seen here: It’s too bad this debate was empty; I thought this was the best chance to get a feel for the candidates, since they’d had a chance to thoroughly adjust their platforms and approaches.VFM Coordinator Mitch Wright moderated the debates, as AJ was apparently nowhere [...]

Debate Photos, January 21

I’m a big fan of balancing out coverage of the elections, and while it’s fine and well to analyze soundbites and award points, sometimes it’s necessary to post photos of people bearing facial expressions that only appear between words, and for us to come together as a community in laughing at the people who are [...]

Block Party, in photos.

so my day started with the RBF, who had waterguns and when not hitting each other with them (or getting yelled at for getting too close to the camera) were going to defend the KNO to the Knoll folks during their counterprotest of the Knoll. Here’s Tyler, RBF President, threatening someone. It turns out the [...]

AMS Elections: The VP Admin Strikes Back

I’ve had a busy couple days with Ubyssey, work, school, and photoshoots, so I haven’t had much of a chance to post photos. Anyway, these are from Thursday’s debates.The elections start tomorrow: be sure to get the word out and encourage your friends to get informed and get their vote on!Mike Kushnir is now running [...]

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