Three Questions for the President

Before Imagine day, I managed to sit down with Presidents Toope and Frederick to ask them three questions:

1. How will the Class of 2013′s UBC experience differ from the Class of 2010′s?
2. What is the value of an incoming undergraduate to the University?
3. Why did the entering class decide to come to University, and how will UBC deliver?

The Presidents were given the questions days in advance of their interview. Here are their responses.



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  1. Thanks for this, Alex. Were you personally surprised by any of their answers or did you feel there were as expected?

    I was hoping (albeit not expecting) some more interesting answers. Ie. in 2013, we will be studying post apocalypse (ie. see 2012) and the class of 2010 gets to experience the ordeal at their jobs. Or something about aliens.

    Posted by Bowinn | September 13, 2009, 5:49 pm
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