AMS Elections: The VP Admin Strikes Back

I’ve had a busy couple days with Ubyssey, work, school, and photoshoots, so I haven’t had much of a chance to post photos. Anyway, these are from Thursday’s debates.
The elections start tomorrow: be sure to get the word out and encourage your friends to get informed and get their vote on!
Mike Kushnir is now running seriously. Also, his glasses aren’t real. Mike is torn on a new SUB, because it means that an entire cohort of students will have to go without a SUB, but the current one is clearly inadequate.

Tristan Markle and the Technicolor Pants. Tristan’s got bold plans for a Zero-Energy SUB.

Aaron Palm, of the Devil’s Advocate, is running as a joke candidate. His shtick was to answer all questions by quoting the bible. Also, he wore an awesome suit.

Honestly, I was expecting the President of UBC Debate to be a stronger speaker. Steve definitely hemmed his way through a few questions but when he hit his stride was able to detail a fairly club-focused platform.

I’m not entirely sure why Steph Ryan is running; every answer was prefaced with “DON’T VOTE FOR ME.” and it seemed more like a chance for her to use the debates as a soapbox for personal views than anything else.
PS: slates only bring diversity if you consider tokenism to be diversity.

Yian would stop talking, literally in the middle of a word, whenever I pointed a camera at him. The first time, I thought it was funny; the fourth time, I was (and am) firmly of the mind that this man should not be the VP Admin. Also, I fully admit that I pulled the worst photo of the bunch to include in this post.

For some reason, I don’t have a picture of Shawn at the podium. He quoted his SAC experience and also presented several concrete plans to revitalize the portfolio, enhance club relations and generally springboard off his time in SAC.

Mike Duncan caught me taking a photo of Alex and Lois, and decided to make a face in the background… so I made him the foreground.

the crowd, mid-debate. Note Andrew Forshner not dropping the ball.

Blake Frederick, current AVP Badass.

Nate Crompton asking a question of the candidates.

Riveting. Debate. Action.

Just a quick profile shot of the candidates.

Aaron Palm is not pleased

Kasha Chang moderated the debates. It’s a thankless job.

I sense a rivalry brewing.

Alex Lougheed, checking out his potential co-executives with SUS D.Finance Lois Chan.


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