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Note to our readers

Hi everyone: I just recieved an email regarding the new Voter Funded Media system: Only 15 people are registered to vote. Needless to say this is bad for democracy, because I can get my three roomates and brother to vote and sweep the contest. Now then. As approved by AMS council, VFM is now running [...]

Quick note on our comment threads

With the latest discussions around our guest editorials, we’ve been forced to remove some comments because they were outside the implicit code of respect expected on our blog. We have preserved the option for anonymous comments because we think it is an important option in some (though not many) cases. Anonymity is not an exemption [...]

UBC Insider mission statement

We here on the blog have been feeling that lately we’ve been losing some focus. With more boisterous and demanding readership, an election campaign, and fewer (non-graduating) writers, the pressure (and temptation) to spit out easy personality-centered posts is hard to resist. This is an attempt to step back and re-balance. Though it may not [...]

Check in.

Hello everyone. I would invite us all to think about what sort of issues we have yet to cover on this blog. We’ve been feverishly covering the elections, but we would like to continue to focus on the issues. We of course accept emails too, if you don’t want to leave a comment. Thank you.

Eom, Louman-Gardiner, Kreitzman, meet in unprecedented summit

Monday saw the first-ever gathering of three of UBC’s preeminent bloggers. In an unprecedented move, the three pen-wielding heavyweights met for sweet-potato frites and girly beer at a depressingly swish, undisclosed Main St. location. In two and a half hours of talks, Eom professed the “new worldliness” of her pinot, and Louman-Gardiner brought up his [...]

Ask Dr. Wieman

Later this week, our own Maayan Kreitzman will have a sit-down interview with Dr. Carl Wieman of his eponymous Science Education Initiative. (See below.) We’ve got some questions, but we thought we’d put it to our readers – what questions would you like to ask Dr. Wieman? What about his initiative, science education, philosophy, or [...]

The Future Direction of this Blog

Here’s where we take your suggestions on how to improve or make changes. Our goal is really to make the blog relevant, inclusive, and informative. Right now we feel like we’re a bit cliquey, and we’re wondering how we would go about opening ourselves up. So we’re wondering, if you could pick anything and everything [...]

UBC Insiders’ claim to fame!

Thanks to Tim’s latest post, we’ve been featured in Maclean’s 50

We’re back! Contributors needed!

So we’re gonna resurrect this blog around the undergraduate society elections. Particularly Arts and Science. We’re hoping to drum up a little bit of interest in them. But we need contributors. For two reasons. First, we don’t have enough time to do this all ourselves. And second, we need people on the ground, in these [...]

The Thank-You Post

We’ll both have withdrawal symptoms and we hope you’ll still read and interact with our discussion posts below. Play with them! We’ll probably reply. Actually, I’m sure we will. And stay tuned for Elections Results tonight! We’ll come back then, with commentary, of course. And photos. End Transmissions. This is goodbye, because the election is [...]

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