The Thank-You Post

We’ll both have withdrawal symptoms and we hope you’ll still read and interact with our discussion posts below. Play with them! We’ll probably reply. Actually, I’m sure we will. And stay tuned for Elections Results tonight! We’ll come back then, with commentary, of course. And photos.

End Transmissions. This is goodbye, because the election is almost over, and we’ve each neglected some parts of our normal life. Not that we didn’t enjoy this (way too much at times). We’ve both invested a lot into this blog, the AMS, and the university, so writing this is cathartically bitter and heavy. But we’re also happy, because this has been an incredible experience for us, and, we hope, for you as well. We’ve learned that engaging people in dialogue is as difficult as is presumed. It’s a matter of approach. And more importantly, there’s a demand for thoughtful discussion of student issues, and that demand exists outside the AMS clique. Students don’t care? Bullshit.

So what would we ask you to take away from this blog? That student want to be engaged, they want places to engage, and they want to be able to inform themselves. Don’t take students for granted, nor for idiots, and you’ll be rewarded.

We didn’t do this on our own. We have some people who need to be thanked:

First and foremost, Gerald Deo. He gave us the wonderful design for this page, made it functional for us who are largely computer and design illiterate, and was responsive to our sometimes annoying demands. (Sorry Gerald! – Gina)
Everybody who contributed, and responded to our questionnaires. We know it was time-consuming but, trust us, people read them. Especially the candidates – how else would they get such insight into the job they’re aspiring to get?
The Candidates. This is an excellent, diverse crew of people who’ve responded well and really reached out to students. While we could only endorse a few, we’ll be happy with (almost) any result tonight. We tried hard not to be mean; please take any criticism constructively. And stay involved. Students need your energy.
Everybody who supported us outside the blog. It’s been a busy three weeks, and not insignificant chunks of time have been poured into this. For those who put up with us, had to suffer, or otherwise supported us, thanks so much. You know who you are. Vous etes notre raison d’etre.
Finally, you. All you 5500+ unique viewers logging in from all over the world! You helped turn this into a place of discussion, engaged us, challenged us, and contributed at least as much as you got out of it. This only succeeded to the extent it did because of your participation.

It’s been so amazing. Thanks! We’ll be in touch.

Gina Eom and Tim Louman-Gardiner


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