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The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Bing Thom Architects

Bing Thom Architects “Since 1980, Bing Thom Architects (BTA) has been collaborating with and advising cultural institutions, corporations, universities, governments, developers and communities around the world to help them successfully achieve their building aspirations” (From the Bing Thom Website) Social Media Website/Facebook/Twitter/Flick/Pamphlet In addition to all the traditional methods of reaching out to students, BTA [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Busby Perkins+Will Architects.

Busby Perkins+Will Architects According to the Facebook page of Busby Perkins+Will (BP+W), they were “Established in 1984 by Peter Busby in Vancouver, British Columbia, Busby Perkins+Will is an integrated architecture, interiors, and planning firm recognized for its leadership with clients in Corporate + Commercial + Civic, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education and Science + Technology. [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Bunting Coady Architects

Bunting Coady Architects Bunting Coady had the pleasure of being first architects to present to the students this afternoon. They touched on a variety of different topics and were very through with their presentation. According to their website, “We create living, breathing buildings®. Bunting Coady Architects is an innovative practice with a global reputation for [...]

The Presidential Debate Video

Voting is now open. Cast your ballot now! Insiders would like to offer a huge thanks to our partner, the Ubyssey, the moderator, Geoff Costeloe, the hosts, the UBC Centre for Student Involvement, and our supporters, AMS Elections. We saw an attendance of over 70 live in the house in this first-ever event. Note: the [...]

Sneak Peek: The Point Grill

The Point Grill, located at Marine Drive residence, is UBC Food’s newest restaurant, and is set to open very soon. The always adorable Andrew Parr was nice enough to give myself and Rabi Sun (of Portraits of UBC and Just Shoot Me fame) a sneak peek at what was going in there. Although the official [...]

Campus Profile: Continued Service or Impeachment?

Some numbers regarding public commentary on the issue of impeachment versus continued service. I’ve left out anonymous people/groups. Impeachment Continued Service Please Grow Up No Comment / Neutral Facebook Groups 1369* 464* Student Groups AUS, SUS, EUS, Ubyssey Editors, Campus Conservatives Resource Groups FairVote Friends of the Farm, V-DAY Regular Commentators Yonson, Lougheed, Naylor**, Costeloe**, [...]

Three Questions for the President

Before Imagine day, I managed to sit down with Presidents Toope and Frederick to ask them three questions: 1. How will the Class of 2013′s UBC experience differ from the Class of 2010′s? 2. What is the value of an incoming undergraduate to the University? 3. Why did the entering class decide to come to [...]

A place to sprout?

About 20 students crowd sociably around tables cradling bowls of vegetable soup and mugs of coffee in mismatched dishes. Others wander in empty handed and leave munching apples or organic chocolate. Two people behind the counter cut thick slices of bread and open jars full of brownies and muffins which they hand over on plates, [...]

Sterling example of effective advocacy – Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

Students spend alot of time agonizing over how to be effective advocates for change. Emma Preston, a founding member of UBC UAEM, and this year’s BC Rhodes Scholar, tells of how this group made the university fall head over heals for them. Billions of people, primarily in poor countries, lack access to lifesaving medicines; millions [...]

Issue of the Day: The Musqueam Issue

Now for something a little more controversial. Somebody who I work fairly close with recently questioned my leftist politics. That’s fair – I feel quite comfortable in the bureaucracy of the AMS, and I feel quite comfortable trying to balance the 42 000 different opinions of AMS members, and I even support many CASA policies. [...]

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