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SUS election results

SUS Elections: Some final notes.

SUS and AUS elections are drawing to a close today – but if you’re in Science and haven’t voted, I’d consider doing so.

SUS Elections 2010: Better Know an AMS Rep Candidate

With many uncontested (or essentially uncontested) races, SUS elections have not had much excitement factor this year. (Except maybe this.) Still, there’s one race worth talking about, and Kevin Moore shares his thoughts on that. SUS AMS Rep The race for SUS AMS rep is looking to be the most exciting of the SUS elections. [...]

SUS Elections 2010 Preview

AUS, EUS, and now SUS. We’ve got ‘em all. (Actually not true – sorry HKin – let us know if there is anyone interested in covering HKin). Here are some initial thoughts on the SUS races. My name is Kevin Moore and I am going to be covering the SUS elections for you this year. [...]

SUS Elections

Results are as follows: PresidentJimmy Yan VP InternalAmandeep Sehra VP ExternalSumedha Sharma Director of AdministrationJennifer Fong Director of FinanceJustin Yang Director of SportsSoroush Liaghat Public Relations OfficerAnnie Yun SenatorBryan Tomlinson Social CoordinatorEugene Wong AMS RepresentativesTahara BhateMaria CirsteaJustin YangAaron Sihota

SUS Elections- Turnout and Endorsements

It would seem that SUS elections are facing a record-low turnout this year. So far, voter turnout is only about 1/3 of what it was last year. Granted, elections haven’t really been promoted all that much- there have been reminders on the Science-wide email, as well as through other mailing lists. I would thus highly [...]

SUS Elections

I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks, but I do want to remind people to vote in the SUS elections. Voting is taking place on WebCT- so be sure to vote this week! I encourage you all to go to the SUS website and check out the candidates, what they have to say, [...]

The 432 isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on

This is where I get mad. The 432, the Science Undergraduate Society’s official newspaper, is … euuugghh. The very idea that students are funding such a worthless, offensive, and generally craptastic rag is insane. This newspaper, apparently, used to be good. It used to be smart and hilarious, and enjoy more readership than the Ubyssey. [...]

SUS election results!

These are unofficial until next Thursday, but I thought I’d post them anyhow. Note the high voter turnout via WebCT! PresidentMichael Duncan – Yes 1079, No 206 Vice President ExternalJamil Rhajiak – Yes 989, No 227 Vice President InternalJimmy Yan – 474Stephen Yoon – 321Gregory Stegeman – 211Farzin Barekat – 157 Director of AdministrationAlex Lougheed [...]

The Science Undergraduate Society.

It seems to me that the current undergraduate society election taking place (link), which like many bureaucratized “representative” bodies suffers from self-prescribed self-importance yet in praxis reveals to be quite disconnected from its roots, has internally been turmoiled, yet externally invisible. Allow me to call this turmoil an internal collapse – an implosion, if you [...]

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