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BoG Forces Sauder to Repay $2M to Students

Two weeks ago, no one knew a Phase 3 of Sauder renovations existed. Construction will be starting in April. While it’s going forward, it has significantly eroded the Board’s trust in Dan Muzyka. But it’s commerce students who should feel most betrayed. They were swindled out of millions.

BoG Holds Extraordinary Meeting to Pass CUS Fee

The UBC Board of Governors will be holding an extraordinary Board Committee meeting tomorrow, April 21st, to approve the new Commerce student fees and a Board 3 for the Sauder building upgrades (agenda). It’s important to note that the date-stamp on the agenda is April 19th. This means that there was only two days of [...]

How the CUS has Failed Its Voters

This year on Insiders we’ve tried to stay away from ranty editorials but this time I can’t resist. I was brought into this commerce fee thing innocently enough, when Alex told me about a CUS meeting where they would be discussing the fee. I was happy to stay out of it and let him deal [...]

The Henry Angus Tuition Fee

Commerce students are before the ballot now. There are some good backgrounders out there. We scrapped ours because frankly, it was too dry. The important lessons coming from the history are: 1. The rhetoric behind accreditation grew stronger with time. At first it was not being mentioned, then there were short references, now there’s direct [...]

Counterpoint: Commerce Students Should Not Support the Fee Referendum

This piece in opposition to the proposed $500 Commerce fee was written by Adrian Pape, an undergraduate student in commerce. The point to this counterpoint can be found here. Problems with the CUS Referendum 1. “Building fee” or “student fee”: call it what you want, this fee has already been rejected by the provincial government. [...]

Point: Commerce Students Should Support the Fee Referendum

What exciting times we live in! The CUS this week has a referendum before their members to decide on a $500 fee to support the construction of Phase II of the Henry Angus building. This is one half of a point-counterpoint on the subject. This was written by Laura Silvester, outgoing CUS president. For the [...]

CUS Board to Vote on $500 Building Fee Referendum

Update 5:34pm: Today’s CUS meeting has been moved to Angus 296 from Angus 310. Normally we try not to post snippets, but we feel this one is important enough. At tonight’s CUS Board of Directors meeting (6:00pm, Henry Angus 310 296) there will be a vote to have the CUS go to a student referendum [...]

Deans whip off the gloves in AMS-sponsored Dean’s debate

Yesterday the Deans of Sauder, Arts, and Pharmacy faced off in an informal debate during the noon hour at the Norm theatre. All three deans launched with gusto into the topic of debate: “whose degree is better?”. Dean of Arts Nancy Gallini seamed to triumph decisively in the tongue-in-cheek verbal sparring, while Dean of Sauder, [...]

Financial bullying in Commerce Faculty, or, what becomes of a bad precedent.

Dan Muzyka, Dean of the faculty of Commerce, is in the market for a sugar momma. The only reason he hasn’t posted on Craigslist yet is because he thinks he’s got a lead. Except this time she’s younger than he is, and considerably poorer – the Commerce Undergraduate Society. The affectionately self-dubbed “Dean Dan” has [...]

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