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More Cellphone Towers Coming to UBC

“UBC is experiencing an increasing number of requests for new voice-based cellular installations on campus and in the adjacent university neighbourhoods.”

Block F ‘Freight Train’ Tears towards UEL

Using graphic language from the world of railroads, leaders of the University Endowment Lands community sought to articulate their concerns about the coming development of a large tract of UEL forest by Musqueam First Nation at a meeting on July 16th.

UBC Maximizing Housing Density by Minimizing Legal Compliance

Would UBC break the law to fulfill their market housing ambitions?


Gage South to be Designated “Academic”

“The recommended … amendments to the Land Use Plan are the designation of the current ‘Area Under Review’ to ‘Academic’ which will allow student housing.”

Board Committee Unwittingly Endorses Housing in Gage South

By approving this amendment package as presented, the board committee also endorsed putting 310,000 sq. ft. of housing in the Gage South area. Certainly, this wasn’t their intention. Board members didn’t seem aware that this was one of the major implications of their decision on the Wesbrook Place amendments. But when you put the cart before the horse, as both the board and C+CP are fond of doing, things like this are bound to happen.

Dear President Toope

Dear President Toope, would you like to sign my petition?

The Campaign for an Academic Gage South

We believe the “Academic” designation for Gage South is sensible and puts the academic mission of the university first. It’s a university – core land should be recognized as such and we would rather not see UBC’s land grant squandered in unfortunate ways.

Gage South Planning Goes Underground

Gage South Planning Goes Underground

The Present of Gage South

Students and the AMS need to come up with a new direction for the area, and fast. Otherwise, things will end up right back where they started.

MBA House Struggling to Fill Beds

MBA House Struggling to Fill Beds

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