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FOI request turns up no records on Wesbrook Place consultants

This is a great example of how the Board’s difficulties with governance, engagement, and decision-making go well beyond the Gupta Affair and are built into how they conduct themselves on other big issues too. Rather than performing their duties as a governing body in good faith, the Board has outsourced the whole thing to a private corporation, and that corporation has in turn hired consultants.

UBC Insiders On-Air Episode 3 – Michelle Ghoussoub and Michael White

This week, we have our weekly roundup and chatting with UBC Journalism student Michelle Ghoussoub. We then have an interview with Michael White, Associate Vice-President of Campus and Community Planning.

UBC taps property developer to lead, pay for planning review

It’s hard to come up with a more textbook example of a conflict of interest: UBC’s property development arm is leading and paying for a process which will set the rules governing their future activities.

Calling partial bullshit on the “Living Lab” concept: can UBC really study itself?

The phrase “UBC as a Living Lab” only recently trickled into my awareness. I admit that it immediately reacted in my brain to produce a cloudy mixture of suspicion and cynicism. The words have that jargony ring of strategic plans with names like “place and promise”, and school mottoes like “a place of mind” – [...]

University Boulevard planning, six years later. Plus ca change…

The idea that there should be housing in this area has been the central (centrally contested, and centrally unchanged) ingredient in the U-Blvd area from the get go. But it’s still expensive, it’ s still on top of a polluting bus loop, and it’s still fundamentally adding a lot of residential density to the academic core and gateway of the campus.

Start an Evolution, Stop a Pedestrian

It’s hard to think of worse designs for a busy sidewalk than to deliberately obstruct half of its width with giant poles.

C+CP discards 10,000+ students from campus population counts

Deliberately underestimating population numbers by 20-40% is one of the more irresponsible and dishonest things C+CP has tried to do. Twice.

Piper Plaza: A Fitting Tribute to UBC’s 11th President

Martha Piper Plaza is both a wonderful tribute to UBC’s 11th President, in both a sincere and snarky way.

Save the Farm… Again

Here’s an idea to make the future of the UBC Farm even more secure: put it into BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve.

Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old is New Again

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