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Resignation Letter From Men’s Hockey Coach Offers Harsh Critique of UBC Athletics

“Nobody should be treated with such ignorance and disrespect as my hockey program, players, and staff were in the past two years.”

More Than A Bystander

The true colours of many of UBC’s student athletes were made very clear last night. Supportive of outright sexism and harassment. Shame on them.

Bye-Bye MacInnes Field?

C+CP has been working towards a new aquatic centre on MacInnes Field, outside of the “Area Under Review” process. The site they’re pushing for severely restricts the options that can be discussed by the working group and the public. It hinders efforts to come up with innovative solutions for all stakeholders. Hiding behind a consultant’s report makes it far more difficult for the broader community to comment on the options and the issues. Basically, everything they’re saying they don’t want the process to represent.

The Present of Gage South

Students and the AMS need to come up with a new direction for the area, and fast. Otherwise, things will end up right back where they started.

Decision Day for NCAA

Simply put, there are advantages as well as risks associated with NCAA membership. The advantages will only benefit the small minority of students in the varsity program. Meanwhile, the risks are assumed by the entire UBC community. On the whole, I don’t believe UBC will be better off as a member of the NCAA.


Athletics has decided not to close the Aquatic Centre gym! They apologized for the process, and agreed to find other ways to deal with the (minor) issues raised like liability, class space, and old machines. This is a victory that happened because the AMS and students at large worked together. The AMS reps couldn’t have [...]

Aquatic Centre Gym, Part II

First, I should note an addendum to my previous post. Rec has released their proposed fee reductions. They’re very good. They’re 25-30% in the Elite (refereed) divisions, and 45-50% in the Co-rec. This is a very welcome development. Something interesting happened with the Aquatic Centre Gym closure. Note Tuesday’s Ubyssey – there were two stories, [...]

Aquatic Centre Gym, Part I

So the University decided to close the Aquatic Centre Gym. Students fought back. There’s the story. The first part is dedicated to the gym and the background – Part II will discuss the very interesting student response. Why is the gym important?On its face, it may not be. The Bird Coop is bigger, there are [...]

Issue of the Day: Athletics Fees

by Sophia Haque, AMS VP Finance Currently, students pay $196.98 in student fees towards Intramurals and Athletics–whether they use the program or not. IF they choose to participate, they pay: Approximately $300/year for a gym membership $100 each for a fitness class (yoga, pilates, dance etc) Approximately$65/team for intramural sports It’s not cheap being an [...]

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