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Translink update

It looks like they reached a deal (yay!). Thanks to my friend Lily for the link.

AMS meeting skinny

disclaimer: No, AMS is not the earth and sky. I’m just writing about it this week because I have stuff to write about. More general-interest stories to come. For those of you that wonder what-all goes on during AMS meetings, but have never bothered to show up and eat the free food every other Wednesday [...]

Closure of Two University Libraries

So, there was a notice sent out to a select number of students (and I have no idea which ones), saying that the Math and MacMillan Library would be closed, as well as reduced hours in other libraries due to the budget shortage. The official notice is posted behind the cut. My problem as a [...]

AMS committee appointment results (the interesting ones)

Well, I’m back from the 6-hour 9-minute AMS meeting of tonight*. In this post I’ll just list some of the more interesting committee appointment results and relevant comments. A more complete summary of the meeting, and further ruminations about AMS meetings generally will follow in a few hours once I’m fully conscious. Member-at-large committee seats [...]

AMS Committee Appointments

Important NoticeSorry Timbits, gonna hog the spotlight for 20 hours or so The AMS is appointing students to their many committees. This is where some of the major gruntwork is done at the AMS level. Once again the AMS hasn’t advertised the at large committee spots at all nor was there a preliminary description on [...]


The Ubyssey covers it well. My short version: non-campus students want U-Pass, AMS asked Student Court if they were members under the bylaws, Student Court said yes, AMS sent question back for clarification, Student Court says they are entitled to be AMS members. The AMS Student Court says that co-op students should be members.AMS Exec [...]

Bigger is better?

I’m very loyal to Arts. But people tend to respond defensively when I criticize, so I’m forced to preface this by saying “please don’t respond defensively.” In their most recent elections, the AUS had 400 voters. SUS? 1400. Which is quite the difference. But it’s even more stark if you realize for a second that [...]

We are still a commuter campus

So a Transit Strike would kick our ass.

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