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Bring Back the Gal… Please?

There has been some controversy this election about referenda – specifically, whether it is appropriate for AMS Council to take the power to redraft referendum questions. In my view, this debate is beside the point because it belies a more fundamental misunderstanding – referenda are generally only advisory in nature. Members Have Limited Powers There is [...]

UBC Insiders On-Air Episode 2 – Daniel Munro & Spencer Keys

This week, we have our weekly roundup and chatting with Spencer Keys. We then have an interview with Daniel Munro, the co-chair of the UBC Vancouver student senate caucus.

Keys on Campaigns: How to Win and Get Off My Lawn, Not Necessarily in that Order

The campaigns that are happening now suck. Awhile ago some nerdlinger decided that good graphic design was the same as good communications and now you get garbage posters that don’t even tell you why they’re qualified to do the job. Web campaigns are important, absolutely, but they’re lazy and generally only good at tapping into people that already know you, rather than reaching out beyond your core community.

Buzzwords: “Council Empowerment”

This post is by Spencer Keys, the AMS President of 05/06. We thank him for his participation. I will be blogging more about the basics of both committee reform and the Strategic Framework later in the week for the new readers out there. Maayan has politely asked me on a number of occasions to write [...]

Interview with Spencer Keys, President 2005/2006

1. What skills that you had did you find most valuable in your capacity as President? On the window of my office I wrote “my ambivalence will be my success” because I actually believed that my ability to dispassionately consider all sides of an issue helped me greatly as President. We often think of the [...]

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