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Block F ‘Freight Train’ Tears towards UEL

Using graphic language from the world of railroads, leaders of the University Endowment Lands community sought to articulate their concerns about the coming development of a large tract of UEL forest by Musqueam First Nation at a meeting on July 16th.

Dear CUPE 2278

I was moved to write this letter precisely because I feel TA union leadership prioritized their own opinions and aims over the opinions and best interests of UBC TAs. UBC TAs deserved comprehensive information and a balanced, open forum for discussion. In this respect union leadership failed its members and failed UBC. UBC TAs deserve better.

AMS, Inc.

The proposed structure would set up a new corporation, under the Business Corporations Act, which would be wholly owned by the AMS. Most of the administrative units (Human Resources, Finance, Operations and the subsidiary businesses) would move over to the new corporation. For the sake of brevity, I’ll refer to the new thing as “AMS Inc.”

Keys on Campaigns: How to Win and Get Off My Lawn, Not Necessarily in that Order

The campaigns that are happening now suck. Awhile ago some nerdlinger decided that good graphic design was the same as good communications and now you get garbage posters that don’t even tell you why they’re qualified to do the job. Web campaigns are important, absolutely, but they’re lazy and generally only good at tapping into people that already know you, rather than reaching out beyond your core community.

Ballots of Notable People: Azim Wazeer

The following piece is my endorsements and additional commentary on the race to become the next AMS President. I promise that it’s not as long as some of my more recent work. All the best to all the candidates!

Senate: Debunking the Myths

There seems to be confusion over what the UBC Senate does, perpetuated in large part by AJ Hajir Haijian’s website. Because AJ is a current student senator, in my role as Chair of the Student Senate Caucus I feel that it is important that the record be set straight to avoid unrealistic expectations for the incoming student senators. -Joël Mertens

The Case for Heavy Rail

By Alex MacKinnon, fifth year student in Mining Engineering, and fan of transportation planning. If you would like to pitch us a guest post, get in touch–we’re a well-read forum for you to get your ideas out. I’m sure the vast majority of people reading Insiders are pretty familiar with the transportation problems of the [...]

Engineers Vote: All Candidate Forum Coverage

p { margin-bottom: 2px; } The EUS Elections Coverage by Bowinn Ma. • EUS President 2007-2008 • AMS Councilor 2006-2008 • EUS Vice-President Internal 2006-2007 • EUS Executive Social Coordinator 2005-2006 Currently an Arts student, Bowinn is two years removed from the EUS. For reference, she and her government brought Engineering such initiatives and services [...]

The MASS Renew Project

Our intrepid AUS reporter Crystal Hon knows a thing or two about projects involving the building of new student space at UBC. Here are her thoughts on a referendum question being put to Arts students. By now some of you will have found out about the AUS Fee Referendum that is on the ballot for [...]

Counterpoint: Commerce Students Should Not Support the Fee Referendum

This piece in opposition to the proposed $500 Commerce fee was written by Adrian Pape, an undergraduate student in commerce. The point to this counterpoint can be found here. Problems with the CUS Referendum 1. “Building fee” or “student fee”: call it what you want, this fee has already been rejected by the provincial government. [...]

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