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Planning the Unplannable

The following is a guest post written by Dr. Darren Peets, former student Board of Governors representative and campus planning aficionado. We invited Darren to offer a critical retrospective on campus planning procedures, and to offer a solution. Dr. Peets is currently working as a post-doc in Japan. I was invited to write a short [...]

Words from the wise man of past: Darren Peets

Many of you know him as the Firehydrant, some of you may know him as Darren Peets, but regardless of how you may refer to him, you probably all know him to be someone who knows a heck of a lot about the BoG. Below is an article he wrote for the Insiders about the [...]

The Underground Bus Loop – analyzed to death

This is a guest post by Dr. Darren Peets, who just completed both his Phd in physics, and his term as a student represetitive to the UBC Board of Governors. One issue at UBC that’s particularly bothered me, and which wasn’t resolved to my satisfaction during my Board term, is the proposed underground bus terminal [...]

BoG rep Darren Peets’s Words of Wisdom

Darren Peets, by the incomparable JJ McCullough (don’t sue me JJ!) Governor Peets’s priceless pearls of wisdom. Listen up BoG candidates!!Can a bog rep actually make a difference?Yes, absolutely, but it may not always be obvious to more than ~50 people, very few of whom are students. The turnaround time may also be very slow. [...]

Junk food junked?

by student BoG rep Darren Peets About a month ago, UBC was informed of a new provincial policy on the sale of food and drinks from vending machines. In essence, this policy expands the junk food restrictions already in place in schools to all hospitals, universities, colleges, Crown Agencies, provincial government buildings, and so on. [...]

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