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Justice for the Social Justice Centre.

In lieu of recent events surrounding the Social Justice Centre, one of the AMS Resource Groups, I solicited comments from some of its involved members. The following has been written by Mike Thicke, co-editor of The Knoll and an active member of the SJC. It reflects his own personal views. The Resource Groups were created [...]

University Boulevard

There is an interesting petition circulating around Facebook (the new place for activism, it seems). I’ve skimmed it and it made some excellent points, so here is a link:University Boulevard Petition Rationale (from the website linked): Listen to what students want! The “What’s the plan” campaign produced a really excellent review that reports the following, [...]

The Future Direction of this Blog

Here’s where we take your suggestions on how to improve or make changes. Our goal is really to make the blog relevant, inclusive, and informative. Right now we feel like we’re a bit cliquey, and we’re wondering how we would go about opening ourselves up. So we’re wondering, if you could pick anything and everything [...]

The VP Guessing Game

Towards the Old Admin Building, aka the road to power Stephen just sent this notice out to all students and presumably faculty/staff: Dear Colleagues: I am pleased to report that the search for a new Provost andVice-President (Academic) is progressing well. After a final round ofconsultations with representatives of faculty, staff and students, theSearch Committee [...]

Some Updates

1. Re: Tobacco ban on campus: the Province is suing big tobacco companies (a cost recovery lawsuit, Link). “We’ve always taken the position that because they sold and promoted their products in our market, (resulting) in damage to our citizens, that we have the right to legislate against their conduct,” said Oppal. I don’t know [...]

Translink update

It looks like they reached a deal (yay!). Thanks to my friend Lily for the link.

Closure of Two University Libraries

So, there was a notice sent out to a select number of students (and I have no idea which ones), saying that the Math and MacMillan Library would be closed, as well as reduced hours in other libraries due to the budget shortage. The official notice is posted behind the cut. My problem as a [...]

AMS Committee Appointments

Important NoticeSorry Timbits, gonna hog the spotlight for 20 hours or so The AMS is appointing students to their many committees. This is where some of the major gruntwork is done at the AMS level. Once again the AMS hasn’t advertised the at large committee spots at all nor was there a preliminary description on [...]

We are still a commuter campus

So a Transit Strike would kick our ass.

An Ideological Crusade (or, a gross waste of my tax dollars)

So, the Provincial Government is planning to implement a tobacco free campus initiative, and certain members of campus are just too overjoyed at this. I currently sit on the committee which looks at Policy 15, which will be drastically revised to ban all sales of tobacco and tobacco related products from campus grounds. (Do I [...]

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