Some Updates

1. Re: Tobacco ban on campus: the Province is suing big tobacco companies (a cost recovery lawsuit, Link). “We’ve always taken the position that because they sold and promoted their products in our market, (resulting) in damage to our citizens, that we have the right to legislate against their conduct,” said Oppal. I don’t know what to think about this. On one hand, yeah the tobacco company does provide the goods, but it’s the individual that decides to light up. Does the Province have a case?

2. President Toope and VP Academic pro tem George Mackie both wrote me a letter regarding the library affairs saying the Senate’s Library Committee would be “rejuvenated” starting in September. No further comment was made regarding the lack of involvement of the committee this year. I’m still dissatisfied because the many changes this year should at the very least have been notified to the committee. But at least they got my letter.

Randomly spotted on the street: Brian Danin (Arts Senator, outgoing), Kevin Keystone (former AMS President), Claudia Li (Joblink Coordinator), Gerald Deo (webmaster), Sophia Haque (former VP Finance)


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