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The Ubyssey Reportcard

The following was submitted Feb 15, 2007 to the Ubyssey Editorial board and was rejected based on “libellous grounds”. “The Ubyssey Reportcard” In 2005 the Canadian Medical Association Journal’s editorial board wasthreatened by its publisher, the Canadian Medical Association. Theeditor-in-chief John Hoey was dismissed after he published twocontroversial studies which put its publisher in a [...]

AUS elections

So, apparently the AUS Elections are happening. Apparently there are candidates.The AUS website has no information about candidates or voting. But we do! So here’s what we know of the elections:Campaiging March 16-23. Voting takes place at 3 separate polling booths in the SUB and Buchanan Buildings between March 25-30 We’re probably the only place [...]

The UBC Farm’s example: how UBC should catch up to its vision.

Juxtapose what pops to mind when you think of:1. UBC administration’s main prerogatives.2. UBC’s only broad, encompassing mission statement, trek 2010. For me, it goes something like this for the former, “Martha Piper-endowment-development-endowment-ivory tower-endowment-elite research-endowment-ivy league-endowment”and something like this for the latter: “complete community-global citizenship-sustainability-global citizenship-community outreach-global citizenship-public responsibility-global citizenship-innovation-global citizenship. Now why is this? [...]

The VP Carousel

Stephen Toope was hired almost exactly one year ago. Since then two VPs have resigned, and a third will be gone in a few years (BSull). We’ve also hired a new DVC (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, or the person in charge of UBC Okanagan). UBC’s undergoing a serious period of internal change. Before I look at it, [...]

UBC Insiders’ claim to fame!

Thanks to Tim’s latest post, we’ve been featured in Maclean’s 50

Neat new stuff

And a plug. I refer readers to Maclean’s Education. A helluva site with tons of good articles. There’s a very useful piece on how to get a reference letter for grad school, a skill that students far too often find themselves without. And even discussions on Facebook. Apparently Spencer Keys (a friend of the show) [...]

Campaign tips, or, how students learned to stop reading and love the familiar.

After my recent abysmal loss in the SUS elections, I found myself wondering what, exactly, do candidates need to do to themselves and surrounding victims in order to get their message out? Student leaders and political junkies constantly and lamely lament the so-called “student apathy” problem. Everyone else is too apathetic to care, frankly. The [...]

Budget Highlights

Where I read it. So you don’t have to! The first thing to note is that post-secondary education (PSE) isn’t the showpiece of the budget. But there are a few tweaks and spending increases that will be of interest. It’s also important to note the possible implications of the equalization formula calculations – a province’s [...]

It’s politics – suck it up

(NB: This post is poorly written and rant-y. Mostly it’s a thinly veiled response to the personality conflicts that were the big “scandal” of the SUS elections. But it’s no scandal at all. It’s really just a personality clash masquerading as about “leadership” or “issues.” Also, I hate when people throw around the word “libel.” [...]

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY The Global Outreach Students’ Association presents: (in collaboration with the College of Health Disciplines ) Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge, and Access to Essential Medicines Saturday, March 24th, 2007 9:00 am-5:00 pm First Nations Longhouse (1985 West Mall) FREE ADMISSION, FREE FOOD REGISTER AT Speakers include: Kelly Bannister, UVic Accessing traditional [...]

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