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Issue of the Day: First-Year Students

The AMS has done a terrific job in addressing issues of systemic barriers to access. (Note: by “access” I refer to the general ability to participate in the AMS, both in terms of services and in government.) See the gender-neutral washroom, its bursary fund, cab fares after midnight, and childcare for examples. But take a [...]

Senate – Alfie Lee

A quick note – the Knoll has convinced me to vote for Alfie Lee for Senate. Why? First, he’s actually showed up to all the debates. Second, he’s actually getting out there, and trying to meet people and talk and engage… and that’s really commendable. Finally, he’s enthusiastic about representing students, and that enthusiasm is [...]

Issue of the Day: Services

The largest chunk of the AMS’ discretionary budget, and their largest non-food/beer source of relevance to UBC students, is their services. (Full list here). It should be noted that Services are administered directly by the Executive Co-Ordinator of Student Services, a hired (non-elected) position that serves as the sixth member of the Executive Committee. Some [...]

Bettor? Barely knew her!

So, in honour of legal gambling everywhere, I’m proud to offer the following proposition wagers on the AMS elections. Note: these are for entertainment purposes only. And if you use them for any gambling purposes whatsoever, please report yourself to the nearest authorities. Immediately. As well, Elections Insider makes no warranties for any wagers, nor [...]

Media on Media

Those of you who know me in real life know that one of my pet peeves is when the media talk about the media. But thankfully for my sense of dignity, this ain’t the real world. As you know, the Voter Funded Media (formerly TurboDemocracy… I much prefer that title) contest is running in parallel [...]

Elections 2007: where is the Movement?

I’d like to give my impressions on the election campaigns this past week. First of all, I’m happy to see that the debates have improved by a lot – the debate structure has been changed to allow for elaborate answers, and the candidates in turn have done their homework. The Wednesday VP Academic debate for [...]

Issue of the Day: Athletics Fees

by Sophia Haque, AMS VP Finance Currently, students pay $196.98 in student fees towards Intramurals and Athletics–whether they use the program or not. IF they choose to participate, they pay: Approximately $300/year for a gym membership $100 each for a fitness class (yoga, pilates, dance etc) Approximately$65/team for intramural sports It’s not cheap being an [...]

How the President is voting

How is Kevin Keystone (current AMS President) voting in the AMS Elections this year?Enjoy! So I think it’s about time that I put my name behind some people running in the AMS Elections. Congratulations to every candidate – it takes serious courage to put your name on a ballot. Without further ado… President: Jeff FriedrichVP [...]

Issue of the Day: University Boulevard

Remember a couple years ago, when there was the Architectural Competition for University Boulevard? (Click here to see the documentary depicting the process.) For those who weren’t here, University Boulevard is the area from the trolley bus loop to the bookstore, including the gym, the Aquatic Centre, and the plaza on the South side of [...]

Editorial: A GAP in Their Logic

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Established in 1977 by the UN, it is a tribute to the continuing struggle and progress for women’s rights and women’s diversity. This year at UBC, on this day, the GAP (Genocide Awareness Project) is planning to show pictures of aborted fetuses and try to equate that to the [...]

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