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New loophole in BC domestic tuition cap: a gchat dialogue.

UBC got some flack this year for their mega tuition increases for international students. Domestic students have been spared from drastic changes in the cost of education in recent years thanks to a BC government policy limiting tuition+fee increases to 2% a year since 2005. But that policy is very quietly being reinterpreted. I have [...]

International Tuition Increases – 5 year plan

UBC has announced its latest round of substantial tuition hikes for international students. For most undergraduate programs, it will be increasing in the 40-50% range over three years. For some graduate programs the increases are up to 100%. Consultations will be held with students, but these will be limited it to where the university should [...]

American Library Students Caught Up in Loan Snafu

American Library Students Caught Up in Loan Snafu

UBC Peddles Non-Refundable Master Degrees to Naive High Schoolers

The reason the Bachelor + Master of Management program is first of its kind in Canada is because no other school in Canada is sketchy enough to sell Master’s degrees to high school students.

Random. Precedent Setting. Undergrad. Cash Grab.

Another year, another attempt at a random precedent setting undergrad cash grab from UBC. This year’s version is the proposed Bachelor of International Economics (BIE), a new degree program in the Vancouver School of Economics (VSE), a new school in the faculty of Arts.

UBC Starts 2011/2012 Tuition Consultation

This will not come as a shock to anyone, but UBC is planning to raise tuition this year.

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