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November 2015 Senate Roundup: Leaves of Absence policy changes

The UBC Vancouver Senate will be holding its November meeting this Wednesday. Here’s a rundown of some notable items on the agenda.

October 2015 Senate Roundup: More details about the Arvind guy, please?

Motion: That Senate calls on the President to approach the Board of Governors and Professor Gupta and have them renegotiate the terms of his resignation agreement so that both the University and Professor Gupta are able to speak more fully to the reasons for his resignation.

September 2015 Senate Roundup: Piper’s Return

Overall, this a pretty dry agenda even for Senate.

May 2015 Senate Roundup: Everybody Graduates!

Senate Roundup, May 2015

April 2015 Senate Roundup: Imaginary Censure

Senate Roundup, April 2015

UBC Peddles Non-Refundable Master Degrees to Naive High Schoolers

The reason the Bachelor + Master of Management program is first of its kind in Canada is because no other school in Canada is sketchy enough to sell Master’s degrees to high school students.

Random. Precedent Setting. Undergrad. Cash Grab.

Another year, another attempt at a random precedent setting undergrad cash grab from UBC. This year’s version is the proposed Bachelor of International Economics (BIE), a new degree program in the Vancouver School of Economics (VSE), a new school in the faculty of Arts.

Senate Endorsements!

Even candidates with NO previous experience with Senate comment that is an exceptionally slow moving body. SENATE TAKE NOTE, you have a horrible reputation. Let’s speed things up a bit. Exams, be it databases or release dates, have become a priority to students everywhere. Excellent, let’s get some movement there!

What Questions Do You Ask a Board or Senate Candidate?

In past years the number of candidates who didn’t fully understand the body they were running to be elected to was astounding.

Senate: Debunking the Myths

There seems to be confusion over what the UBC Senate does, perpetuated in large part by AJ Hajir Haijian’s website. Because AJ is a current student senator, in my role as Chair of the Student Senate Caucus I feel that it is important that the record be set straight to avoid unrealistic expectations for the incoming student senators. -Joël Mertens

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