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Here’s the Mahony and Sons Lease

The ban on liquor stores in U-Blvd is not protecting Mahony’s from competition for something they do, it’s protecting them for something they don’t do. Even if they wanted to do off-sales, Mahony’s is unable to under the current terms of their own licence. It’s protectionism for protectionism’s sake.

New SUB Project Design Charrette – September 14th & 16th

The New SUB project seems to be coming along quite nicely. From the snippets that I have heard (and I haven’t heard that much so don’t take my word for it) the project seems to be on track. The design and sustainability charrettes are scheduled to happen on the 14th and 16th of September respectively.

SUB Architects Short-listed

Vote results are out, and the three lucky short-listed firms are: Bing Thom Architects Busby Perkins+Will HBBH+BH These three now compete to have the AMS’ New SUB Committee to sign them on over the others. We’re pretty happy about the short-list as it’s a happy medium between the Insiders editors choices. It remains unclear what process the Committee [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: My Picks

Hopefully by now, many of you will have watched the videos or read my articles about the 7 architects vying for our project. I tried to give a fair assessment of the architectural firms in my write ups in order to give the readers a chance to form their own opinions. I have been asked [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Stantec Architecture / 3XN

Stantec Architecture / 3XN According to their website, “Stantec Architecture and 3XN Architects, together, bring an outstanding depth of relevant experience, significant international design achievements and a very strong Vancouver based “capacity to perform” to this project. Integrating world caliber Design, rigorous Danish Sustainable Design and LEEF Certification experience with Vancouver depth of experience and [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Henriquez Partners Architects / IBI Group

Henriquez Partners Architects / IBI Group According to their website, “The Student Union Building is the core around which student life revolves – establishing the UBC student body as a community and providing the functions that server and define the community.” Henriquez Partners Architects / IBI Group is a partnership between Henriquez Partners Architects and IBI [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Cannon Design

Cannon Design According to their website, “For nearly two decades, Cannon Design has been nurturing a culture where imagination, invention and creative talent flourish. As a premier, world ranked firm by most any standard in all of our primary markets, we recognize that our continued success relies on more than just what we have done [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: HBBH+BH

HBBH+BH According to their website, “The new UBC Student Union Building will aim high: to empower, to advocate, to lead by example with ecological, social and financial sustainability. It will be accessible and diverse. It will be an inspirational, dignified space, at home in an exciting landscape” HBBH+BH is a partnership between HBBH and BH. [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Bing Thom Architects

Bing Thom Architects “Since 1980, Bing Thom Architects (BTA) has been collaborating with and advising cultural institutions, corporations, universities, governments, developers and communities around the world to help them successfully achieve their building aspirations” (From the Bing Thom Website) Social Media Website/Facebook/Twitter/Flick/Pamphlet In addition to all the traditional methods of reaching out to students, BTA [...]

The New SUB Project Architect Presentations: Busby Perkins+Will Architects.

Busby Perkins+Will Architects According to the Facebook page of Busby Perkins+Will (BP+W), they were “Established in 1984 by Peter Busby in Vancouver, British Columbia, Busby Perkins+Will is an integrated architecture, interiors, and planning firm recognized for its leadership with clients in Corporate + Commercial + Civic, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education and Science + Technology. [...]

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