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GSS Bylaw Reform: Cutting Council Down to Size

Tomorrow, the GSS will be holding a Special General Meeting to pass Bylaw changes, including abolishing AVPs, creating a council secretary, reducing council size, and raising executive pay.

A Month Sober, What’s Next for Koerner’s?

Regardless of whatever warnings may have occurred, the taps at Koerner’s have been turned off for well over a month. Despite their protestations to the contrary, it’s clear that getting Koerner’s re-opened is not the GSS’s top priority.

Koerners Now Explicitly All-Ages

Most of y’all have heard by last Friday that the Koerner’s Pub liquor license has been suspended by the UBC Treasury/Legal departments. In response, Koerner’s still has its doors open, but the taps are dry. According to a memo, the license was suspended because of two incidents this month. The first incident, a drunk underaged [...]

GSS Executive Elections 2010

Nominations for GSS executive positions closed yesterday. Candidate lists and events lists after the jump. Candidates President: Hanni Bagnordi Lozano Bahador Moosavi zadeh Arvind Saraswat VP Admin: Edwin Gershom VP Finance: Majid Hosseini Jaishankar Iyer VP Academic/External: Dumitru Constantinescu Sedi Minachi VP Services: Jaishankar Iyer Sara Saberi Senate: Francisco (Cisco) Grajales Raymond Pan Events 5pm-8pm, [...]

GSS Elections: Nominations Now Open!

AMS elections aren’t the only game in town right now. The GSS is also gearing up now for their executive elections this month. Are you graduate student? Are you interested in helping your fellow graduate students and representing them at the University, Government, and public level? If so… The Graduate Student Society (GSS) of UBC-Vancouver [...]

GSS Needs a Sober Second Thought

It is with great sadness that we report the GSS has stopped the service of free beer at their council meetings. This motion was passed this evening: WHEREAS provision of drink tickets will facilitate further socializing of Council members at Koerner’s Pub, encourage shorter meetings, and encourage Councillor attendance until the completion of Council meeting [...]

Children vs. Liquor

Tagged: Massive Failures in Communication UBC’s Graduate Student Society (GSS), to put it bluntly, is dysfunctional. This in itself is not news since this has been the situation for some time now. However, the entire situation reached a new low at their last council meeting. What happened may not have been the most scandalous of [...]

The Downside of Automatic Enrolment

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FoGS) recently implemented “automated continuous thesis registration”, which works as follows: “Starting in Summer 2009, when students register in a thesis or dissertation course once, their registration in that course will automatically roll each term until the end of the student’s program (excepting if they are on leave).’ On the [...]

Koerner’s Pub Patio Project

At the last GSS Council meeting on July 23, 2009, a plan to expand Koerner’s Pub came up for council approval. However, before it could be dealt with quorum was lost for the third month in a row and no decision could be made. This project has been on the table for quite a while [...]

Vote in GSS elections!

Ah, what’s that in the air? It smells like the seemingly never ending elections cycle. While the AMS elections are sort-of-but-not-really-over, GSS elections are still going strong. This is a reminder that if you are a grad student, please vote! The GSS could do great things, but you need to make sure it has a [...]

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