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Bring Back the Gal… Please?

There has been some controversy this election about referenda Рspecifically, whether it is appropriate for AMS Council to take the power to redraft referendum questions. In my view, this debate is beside the point because it belies a more fundamental misunderstanding Рreferenda are generally only advisory in nature. Members Have Limited Powers There is [...]

New Minister at CSCD, responsible for UBC oversight

Peter Fassbender is your new Minister of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development.

UNA seeks consultants to take them seriously

To campus denizens not in the Neighbourhoods, the UNA may as well just be a group of people standing on the top of Save On Foods screaming “Respect my authoritah!”

Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old is New Again

Issue of the Day: Governance

Who governs UBC? Right now it’s a complicated balance between the University’s BoG, and the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). In short, UBC’s BoG has the final say on development on campus, provided it conforms with various strategic plans (OCP, etc) that are the purview of the GVRD. However, what happens when there’s a conflict? [...]

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