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The Case for CASA

The AMS has been an Associate Member of CASA for 3 years now, and I am advocating that we either shit, or get off the pot.

The Cost for CASA

The portfolio is now financially robust, but the AMS should still think long and hard about financing their priorities, which need to become provincial lobbying.

Headlines for Hacks, March 2011

Student Evaluations of Teaching case rejected by supreme court. UNA by-laws still unenforceable. UBC to NCAA a done deal? CASA AGM at UBC. UBC Votes. Point Grey By-election.

Breaking: UBC Insiders Issues First Notice to CASA, AMS to Violate Contract?

Upon receiving our tweet regarding the motion to leave CASA this evening, CASA has sent a letter, with supporting documentation, to various UBC media regarding the constitutionality of such a motion. CASA claims the AMS has two unmet obligations: that 30 days notice be given to CASA prior to leaving, and that one full membership-year be [...]

CASA Membership Downgrade was the Right Move

In the post below, Maayan expressed shock that AMS Council would change it’s position in CASA “without due diligence”. I think that Council should be praised for its prudent political decision, not accused of haphazardly voting without thinking. The concerns expressed by the AMS in the letter sent to CASA cannot be swept aside merely [...]

CASA membership downgrade? Really?

As you may have read below in Blake’s unopinionated news brief, the AMS has decided to downgrade its membership in CASA, meaning that they now cannot vote, and will pay about half as much money to the organization. Well, here’s my opinionated take on it. AMS council has allowed itself to be convinced without due [...]

AMS Council Votes to Change CASA Membership

In an apparent unanimous decision, AMS Council voted tonight to change its membership in CASA from full member to associate member. (View the AMS’s press release here.) The AMS is one of the five founding members of CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, a student federal lobby organization that is predicated on four main [...]

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