More wrapping up

So it’s the day after. I haven’t checked my e-mail, and yet I’m updating this blog. Wow.

I’m particularly happy w/ the results – every candidate for whom I voted ended up winning, which pleases me. And a big huge congrats to Darren Peets, who deserves his BoG seat more than anybody who’s held the chair in a good long while. And another to the Radical Beer Tribune, who finished ninth, a handful of votes behind the Duncan-Kearney media group. Boo-urns to that outcome.

As well, after conversations with a gazillion people, I’m convinced that there has to be a way to keep this going. It requires a new URL and site name, to be sure, and will require some new contributors, but I’ll work a bit to get things up and running the next couple months. And don’t expect twice-daily posts. Just not happening.

So I ask for your patience. This weekend is very busy and my computer is broken, so it’s gonna take a few days to swing it together. But hell, I’m still updating it, and we’re still getting readers, so why the hell not?

And I love you too, Antoine!

Gina’s Bit: I agree that we should provide an interactive interface for students wanting to engage on issues that are UBC/AMS specific. Using this (EI) experiment as a basic platform could be a starting point. The key is allowing comments and not throwing around jargon (CPAC, UILO, CCP) that’s only comprehensible to people who work in the system. I think it should be part of a larger PR-revamp of the AMS. The AMS website could be a lot more accessible. There could be a subsection which has commentators on what the AMS is doing – in a blog style.


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