Campaign Wind up

Today I saw Jeff Friedrich standing on the North Side of the SUB flyering, all by himself. I’m really curious to see what the voter turnout is going to be. I would not be surprised if it were lower than most years, because of the quiet campaigns which I’ve bitched about many times before.

Needless to say, tomorrow is the last chance to vote in the Elections. It’ll be done by paper ballot – 9AM till 6PM at the SUB and other locations. Please tell anyone you suspect who hasn’t voted yet.

There’ll also be an election results party at the Gallery. Tim and I will be there, and we’ll be drinking our hearts out but more importantly update our blog as soon as the results are announced. Come by and drink with us, or refresh this page around 10pm (Pacific time, Spencer). Pictures will be up the next morning.

Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé? Where did the time go?

There are so many more issues which we could write about, from different angles. I didn’t even get to blog about the Farm, Campus Safety and its intra-politics, senate-specific issues, etc etc. But there’s only so much energy Tim and I can put into this blog without losing our personhood.

Totally unrelated: am I the only one who’s been ambushed by the Reiki lady at the busloop???


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