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Shit UBC Says: Take our Money and Trust Us

UBC C+CP’s penchant for playing fast and loose with development rules has necessitated a revision of the UNA Neighbours Agreement. In formulating the plan and pushing it forward, UBC has lied to the UNA and promised them free money to gain their cooperation in a plan that would allow for the quiet expansion of private housing on campus, going against all the plans that are on the books.

UNA Lurches Forward With Plan to Extend Reach Beyond Its Borders

The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) is working with UBC to allow for the possibility of the UNA imposing its by-laws on and collecting revenues from residents who don’t live within its borders, an unsettling way of expanding its jurisdiction.

UNA seeks consultants to take them seriously

To campus denizens not in the Neighbourhoods, the UNA may as well just be a group of people standing on the top of Save On Foods screaming “Respect my authoritah!”

The bylaw the UNA deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Yes, children make noise when they’re running around and having fun and that might be annoying. It’s a known design defect and no software patch has yet been developed to fix this bug. However, complaining about noise from a playground is something that makes you look like the crankiest of cranky old coots.

Block F ‘Freight Train’ Tears towards UEL

Using graphic language from the world of railroads, leaders of the University Endowment Lands community sought to articulate their concerns about the coming development of a large tract of UEL forest by Musqueam First Nation at a meeting on July 16th.

UBC Maximizing Housing Density by Minimizing Legal Compliance

Would UBC break the law to fulfill their market housing ambitions?


UNA Board Meeting September 2011

UNA Board Meeting September 2011

Headlines for Hacks, March 2011

Student Evaluations of Teaching case rejected by supreme court. UNA by-laws still unenforceable. UBC to NCAA a done deal? CASA AGM at UBC. UBC Votes. Point Grey By-election.

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