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The End of “BZZR” is Nigh! Changes to provincial liquor laws should force UBC to modernize its liquor licence approvals.

Starting April 20, you will be able to apply for a Special Occasion Licence online. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and you can do it in your underwear.

Here’s Why The UBC Liquor Store Moved

Saying Wesbrook Place is a “better location” for a liquor store implies that some sort of fomal comparison was made between two or more locations, based on a measurable set of criteria. This did not happen.

Here’s the Mahony and Sons Lease

The ban on liquor stores in U-Blvd is not protecting Mahony’s from competition for something they do, it’s protecting them for something they don’t do. Even if they wanted to do off-sales, Mahony’s is unable to under the current terms of their own licence. It’s protectionism for protectionism’s sake.

A Month Sober, What’s Next for Koerner’s?

Regardless of whatever warnings may have occurred, the taps at Koerner’s have been turned off for well over a month. Despite their protestations to the contrary, it’s clear that getting Koerner’s re-opened is not the GSS’s top priority.

Koerners Now Explicitly All-Ages

Most of y’all have heard by last Friday that the Koerner’s Pub liquor license has been suspended by the UBC Treasury/Legal departments. In response, Koerner’s still has its doors open, but the taps are dry. According to a memo, the license was suspended because of two incidents this month. The first incident, a drunk underaged [...]

Yes, The Killers Killed the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena

Avid readers of this blog may recall a post from last summer entitled: “Did The Killers Kill the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena?” The original post should be read in its entirety, but if you’re too lazy the synopsis is that in July 2009, UBC Athletics put an application forward to amend the liquor licence at [...]

Children vs. Liquor

Tagged: Massive Failures in Communication UBC’s Graduate Student Society (GSS), to put it bluntly, is dysfunctional. This in itself is not news since this has been the situation for some time now. However, the entire situation reached a new low at their last council meeting. What happened may not have been the most scandalous of [...]

A Forensic Examination of the War on Fun, Part 2

Yesterday, UBC Insiders released a database of Special Occasion Licences (SOLs) granted at UBC that revealed 1 in 5 SOLs granted at UBC were approved by the RCMP despite being in breach of provincial liquor regulations. The overwhelming majority of these events were not student-run. There is another area to explore about how the RCMP [...]

A Forensic Examination of the War on Fun, Part 1

Last year, former Ubyssey reporter Bryan Zandberg wrote a piece for the Tyee examining whether there was a “War on Fun” at UBC. A year later, the piece is as dated as it is current. Sgt. Dan Wendland is no longer with us at UBC, but his legacy lives on through the policies he implemented. [...]

Campus Shows: Fall 2009

This year, the Ubyssey will have more resources invested in their culture section (one editor last year; this year there are two), with fewer resources going into news (two editors last year; this year only one). They now have a culture blog and, I believe, a paid culture staffer over the summer. Correction: Apparently the [...]

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