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UBC’s Leadership Crisis Revealed in Unintentionally Leaked Gupta Docs

This is by far the clearest picture anyone has had so far of the crisis leading up to the resignation. If the criticisms in John Montalbano’s letters to Gupta are to be believed, the rumors that Gupta was feared by his Executive team, facing mutiny from the Deans, and experiencing mounting distrust from the Board of Governors all seem to be true, with problems connecting to the Public Affairs department, and a weak staff in the presidential office to make matters worse.

UBC Insiders On-Air Episode 3 – Michelle Ghoussoub and Michael White

This week, we have our weekly roundup and chatting with UBC Journalism student Michelle Ghoussoub. We then have an interview with Michael White, Associate Vice-President of Campus and Community Planning.

Who Do Elected Board Members Represent? Not You.

The elected members of the Board represent the university, and no one else.

Notes on a Farce

From outside the room, today’s secret Board meeting was a disrespectful farce brought to you by a bunch of people who think they’re the smartest people in the room, and that everyone else on campus is a complete fucking moron.

Last UBC Presidential Search Cost $430,000

In addition to Gupta’s $450,000 severance, hiring the next president will cost just as much too.

Where in the World is John Montalbano?

To summarize, John Montalbano and Lindsay Gordon do not have offices. They cannot be reached by email. They cannot be reached by phone. The two most powerful men at UBC are ghosts.

Why Gupta’s Getting Severance for Quitting

It’s in his contract.

May 2015 Senate Roundup: Everybody Graduates!

Senate Roundup, May 2015

Arvind Gets Ready to Rebuild

Now the rebuilding begins. Hopefully it means we’ll get a far clearer sense for where the university is headed during Arvind’s tenure, something which has been sorely lacking up until this point.

Transcript of First #AskArvind Twitter Town Hall

UBC President Arvind Gupta held a Twitter Town Hall over one hour this afternoon. He answered 22 questions total, mostly softballs. Here’s a transcript, just to get it on record.

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