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Bring Back the Gal… Please?

There has been some controversy this election about referenda – specifically, whether it is appropriate for AMS Council to take the power to redraft referendum questions. In my view, this debate is beside the point because it belies a more fundamental misunderstanding – referenda are generally only advisory in nature. Members Have Limited Powers There is [...]

Here’s the Mahony and Sons Lease

The ban on liquor stores in U-Blvd is not protecting Mahony’s from competition for something they do, it’s protecting them for something they don’t do. Even if they wanted to do off-sales, Mahony’s is unable to under the current terms of their own licence. It’s protectionism for protectionism’s sake.

AMS, Inc.

The proposed structure would set up a new corporation, under the Business Corporations Act, which would be wholly owned by the AMS. Most of the administrative units (Human Resources, Finance, Operations and the subsidiary businesses) would move over to the new corporation. For the sake of brevity, I’ll refer to the new thing as “AMS Inc.”

The Case for CASA

The AMS has been an Associate Member of CASA for 3 years now, and I am advocating that we either shit, or get off the pot.

The Cost for CASA

The portfolio is now financially robust, but the AMS should still think long and hard about financing their priorities, which need to become provincial lobbying.

New Tuition Policy Question Added To AMS Referenda

New Tuition Policy Question Added To AMS Referenda

The Upcoming Referenda: Why you should care about more than just the U-Pass

No other (public) university student union in BC allows its Council to seal records at the policy level. If this change goes through as currently drafted, the AMS could become the least open university student society in BC.

Canadian Boat to Gaza Accuses AMS of Defamation

Canadian Boat to Gaza accuses AMS of Defamation

The SJC Legal Opinion, Coles Notes Version

The AMS’s latest kerfuffle, an ongoing saga surrounding a $700 donation meant to go towards a Canadian Boat to Gaza is something we’ve not bothered to cover, as there is already an extreme surplus of articles, letters and opinions being published about it, amongst other reasons. In preparation for this Wednesday’s council meeting where the [...]

AMS Budget Already Broken

Well, that didn’t take long. After being passed at the last council meeting on August 11, the AMS’s 2010/2011 budget is already broken. In short, they didn’t plan for something they were planning.

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