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UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 17 – Everything Presidential

We’re back in the first episode of 2016! This week we delve into the UBC presidential search, and play some tape from the open town hall, as well as an on-location interview with Chancellor Lindsay Gordon. The presidential atmosphere continues with pleasing symmetry, as AMS president Aaron Bailey rejoins us too.

January 2016 Senate Roundup: Annual Report Edition

Senate Roundup, January 2016

Full, heavily redacted version of the Smith Report released

The full report, after having gone through UBC’s severing process, arguably contains even less information than the executive summary which was released on October 15, 2015.

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 16 – Fall Season Finale

In this week’s special show, we have UBC Insiders alum Alex Lougheed on the news beat. We then interview Philip Steenkamp, UBC’s brand new VP External on how it feels to be the adult in the room after a tumultuous season of UBC news. Then, we have a special segment with Sam Fenn and Gordon [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 15 – Rohit Joseph and CIRDI

On this week’s show Rohit Joseph of CiTR’s News101 gets into football recruiting, the ongoing case of Creative Writing prof Steven Galloway, UBC’s new Board Chair Stuart Belkin, and delivers an appreciation of the man, the legend, Nardwuar.

We also interview two people with divergent views on the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute.

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 14: on-location reports, and Jennifer Berdahl

This week, Neal and I hit the streets with several on-location clips from things happening around campus. We catch a macabre protest organized by 4th year English student Gretta Dattan – a funeral for our school mascot Thunder. We also stopped by a campus and community planning open house and chatted with Andrew Parr (the [...]

Stuart Belkin appointed to UBC Board of Governors

What a relief it is that the Board will finally be able to hear the perspective of another white, middle-aged, ultra-rich businessman, a voice that has so tragically been underrepresented at this Board table for far too long.

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 13 – Caitlin Cunningham and Kaitlin Russell

For news this week, Neal and Maayan give a quick update on the suspension of Steven Galloway and the Faculty Association once again calling out the university, the CBC documentary “School of Secrets” and muse about whether Martha Piper lives in a completely different reality than everyone else, and the recent Board of Governors committee [...]

UBC Insiders On Air Episode 12 – Madeline, Vern & Julie

This week we talk news with Madeline Taylor, the Spoken Word Coordinator (and our best ally) at CiTR. Madeline is a former member of the feminist collective at SFU’s radio station CJSF, and she helps us talk through two emerging stories of sexual assault on campus. On our interview, student Board of Governors reps Julie Van de Valk and Veronica Knott join us to mostly talk about BoG transparency issues.

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 11 – Simona Chiose and Frances Bula

This week, Simona Chiose and Frances Bula, both of the Globe and Mail, join us to talk about collaboration, working with PR departments, and their perspectives of UBC as informed observers who spend most of their time outside the campus bubble.

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