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VP Academic Portfolio

The VP Academic Portfolio is big. Huge. And very important. Responsibilities: Hiring. They interview hundreds of applicants for hundreds of positions, including all the services. That’s a spicy meatball, a spicy meatball of hiring. Sits on a lot of external committees, most notably the Directors of University Neighbourhood Association, Teaching and Learning Committees, and everything [...]

Presidential Portfolio

Responsibilities: Chairing the executive committee (5VPs) Setting the agenda for Council Acting as the spokesperson for the society Attending many lobbying meetings and liaising with lobby groups The primary representative to the University Major issues: Negotiating relationship with UBC-O and the UBC Graduate Students’ Society. The GSS feels marginalized within the AMS, and UBC-O likes [...]


It’s this writer’s humble (and biased) opinion that BoG Rep is among the two most important positions up for election (the other being President). Why? Three reasons: Face time. There are no student reps who get anywhere near as much time with the actual decision-makers, and the face time can translate into influence. Strategic decisions. [...]

Upcoming Dates

January 12, 4pm – Nominations CloseJanuary 12, 6pm – All Candidates Meeting. (Drop by SUB Council Chambers to see the largest gathering of wannabe politicians all year. It’s an amazing event. Has to be seen to be believed. Don’t forget to bring beer. Not that we endorse illegal drinking, or anything.)January 19, 9am – Campaign [...]

VP External Portfolio

Responsibilities: Lobbying, but with an external (read: government) focus. Working with the AMS policy advisor and President to produce lobbying tactics and strategies when meeting with government officials. Includes budget submissions, meetings, and lobbying day in Victoria Liaising with Translink around issues relating to the U-Pass Working with CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. [...]

VP Admin Portfolio

Primary Responsibilities: Overseeing the maintenance, renovation of the SUB. If there’s something wrong with the building, or any other issues relating to AMS buildings, that’s it. Chairing the Impacts committee, which handles sustainability Planning the Student Leadership Conference Oversee SAC – Student Administrative Commission. SAC is responsible for: Communicating with clubs, and organizing their activities [...]

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