Ekat’s Guide to Keeping One’s Sanity

AMS Executives’ 2nd quarterly reports are being released in advance of this week’s AMS Council meeting. This round of reports, rather than being long and tedious (as they have been in the past), is efficient and to the point. Even better, they contain life tips from your executives.

Found at the end of Ekat’s 2nd Quarterly, we present Ekat’s Guide to Keeping One’s Sanity:

No doubt the last couple of months for me have been crazy (and a little awkward); I have learned a few things with regards to keeping one’s sanity and staying positive (despite awful Council meetings):

1. Bureaucracy is the murderer of the entrepreneurial spirit.
2. Do not date someone who will work in the office next to yours.
3. In Council meetings, it is always good to present something positive before things get awful so that you can at least be happy with yourself while conversations fall apart all around you.
4. Emotional detachment from projects is necessary for the benefit of the project.
5. The spicy crunchy roll from the Honour Roll is addicting. Be wary!
6. UBC Plant Ops has a place where all the old furniture is stored. Make friends with them and get free stuff.
7. It could always be worse: at least you’re not the one conducting Land Use Plan consultations.
8. When painting an office, stay away from brown.
9. The Architects are brilliant not only because they go to Burning Man, drink JJ Bean and have iPads but also because their ideas are amazing!
10. The blackberry phone is NOT an extension of your soul.

We can’t help but wonder if she forgot #11: Set capitalists’ hearts aflutter as the current Foxtrot Fox.


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