Introducing Maria and Blake!

We’re very happy to have Maria Jogova and Blake Frederick on board for this year of the blog. I’m really excited about the year to come with both of them. Now for a brief introduction to the next generation of UBC Insiders bloggers:

Blake is a fourth year philosophy student and now works in the AMS as the assistant VP external. Maria is a third year physiology student who is also this year’s president of the UBC Debate Club. Intrigue and subterfuge of the Devil’s Advocate’s stronghold, I know. Incidentally, both Maria and Blake were in Science one (as was I). Hmm.

These two are very plugged into the student life and discourse here at UBC in ways that I never was, and they’ve got some amazing ideas for the blog. In addition to these two fresh faces, we’re having a website makeover too. I know I know, we’ve been promising it for ages, but I’m serious! It’s coming I swear.

As for me, I’ll be around, but joining Tim and Gina in the backseat. Look out for my new column in the Ubyssey by-weekly (starting tomorrow)!


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