VP Admininstration nominations – rumor mill

The race for the fifth AMS executive position, VP Administration, was cancelled in mid-campaign due to “campaigning irregularities.” While this cancellation was probably contrary to AMS code, and details were never confirmed by Elections Administrator Brendan Piovesan, a new race is soon to launch. And according to the rumor-mill, and the volume of nomination papers being passed around, it looks like this is going to be the most competitive race of the election. As you can see below, numerous serious, high profile contenders have stepped up:

Stephen McCarthy – Steve is the president of the UBC debate society, and the illustrious person behind “Serious Steve” on our colleagues’ blog over at the Devil’s Advocate.

Blake Frederick – Blake was VP Academic (and fellow blogger) Brendon Goodmurphy’s assistant this year, so he has experience working on issues in the executive structure of the AMS. He just got elected to Senate.

Tristan Markle – Tristan is a Science councilor and is also heavily involved in the AMS resource groups. He’s also an editor of the left-wing campus rag, The Knoll.

Mike Kushnir – Mike, who ran as a joke in the first iteration of this race as “Scary ” Mike “the rabbi”, is apparetnly running again as a serious candidate.

Shawn Stewart – Another VFM contestant. The mind behind the persona of “le grand gateau” over at Let Them Eat Cake. Shawn is also a SAC commisioner, so he’s got experience with some aspects of the Admin portfolio.

Patrick Meehan – Arts councilor, and politico.

Yian Messoloras – The apparent reason why the first VP Administration case was cancelled, and has to be run again, Yian wants to build a new SUB without increasing student fees by a penny.

All of the AUS – apparently a raft of AUSers want to run more jokes in this race than the rest of the elections put together. I sincerely hope they don’t. This elections doesn’t have much remaining credibility to lose, but any more jokes and screw-up could just scour whatever’s left away.

As soon as these are official, we’ll have some candidate questionnaires and analysis so that y’alls can make an informed decision.


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