Results! (prefunctory)

Here are the results. That is, the results before the 3 to 5 student court challenges that should be comin forward in the next week or so due to voting irregularities. Note the Bottom-of-the-barrel voter turnout. This is worse than this year’s SUS elections, if memory serves. To quote the Devil’s advocate: “Brendan Piovesan. DISENDORSED.”

Philip Edgecumb 580 :(
Colin Simkus 615
Eileen Harder 631
Aidha Sheikh 766
Blake Frederick 779
Azim Wazeer 796
Alfie 832
Rob Mclean 932
Alex Lougheed 1028

Genevieve “Malt-Likkah” 210
Glen “fidler crab” Finlay 280
Cris Marincat 309
Rodrigo Ferrari Nunes 439
Andrew Carne 512
Tim Blair 889
Bijan Ahmadian 1398

VP External
1049 Freeman Poritz
1429 Stef Ratjen

VP Finance
406 Stash “irish courage” Bylicki
608 Andrew Forshner :(
864 Chris Diplock

VP Academic
559 Fire Hydrant Peets
619 Rob Mclean
695 Nathan Crompton
Alex Lougheed

125 Che Allison
354 Erin Rennie :(
426 Rodringo Ferrari Nunes
484 Matt Naylor
1475 Mike Duncan

Now excuse me while I get another beer.

[gerald's 2am edit: Pictures are up on flickr, here. Commentary and post up tomorrow.]


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