Best of AMS Elections 2008

Hi everyone still reading the Insiders. This is Serious Steve from the Devil’s Advocate, bringing you the Best of the 2008 AMS Elections, as nominated by the VFM candidates and decided by me. (And before you ask, yes, yes I did hack the Insiders website. Because I’m that good. Watch my post stay up here too!)

Best Election Picture

Shawn from Eat Cake takes this category with a stunning rendition of Mistress Rennie. Read more wonderful results behind the jump!

Honourable mentions:
Gerald from The Insiders and Peter from the Cavalier pick up honourary mentions in this category, for gratuitious pictures of my ass and “Che Allison, AMS President.” Watch for the revolution to arrive in your [University] neighbourhood soon.

Best Waste of a VFM Entry

Joey Coleman with Macleans on Campus! This was a clear-cut win. Joey isn’t at UBC, and didn’t cover the election at all! Talk about wasting some money. The silly thing is, Macleans is a brand name so silly voters may give him money. Thanks to the Radical Beer Tribune (also strangely lacking in coverage) for the nomination.

Honourable mentions: The 4 “we’re in it for the money” 32, and the Underground (nominated by themselves, appropriately enough).

Best Dressed Candidate

Fire Hydrant Peets! This was a bit closer contest, but we felt that the elegant white and red lines of Fire’s costume (not to mention the racing stripes) really carried the day. Thanks Peter at the Cavalier for the nomination.

Honourable mention: Irish Courage, for “being one bad-ass motherfucking leprechaun”, and “Scary” Mike “the Rabbi” Kushnir.

Also check out Maayan’s fashion report soon to come at the Devil’s Advocate – reporting the fashion faux pas of candidates and Speakers alike.

Best Word of the Campaign

bloggify, v. The act of using all your skills in magic to transfigure some form of content to a “blog” format. (definition from Eat Cake)

I really have to thank Rodrigo for this one. (And as a side note, Rodrigo really rocked the Jam Space that was the Gallery post-election! Wow!)

Honourable mention: Flyerfuck (a close runner up particularly near my heart), Trek Park, “meaningful consultation”

Best Poster

Flyerfuck!!! I’m going to give Lougheed’s so-called “Soft Porn” poster a mention for inspiration, but you’ll have to excuse my conflict of interest when I award myself best poster of the campaign. As Peter mentioned in his nomination: “Flyerfuck – ’nuff said.”

Honourable mentions: Scary Mike’s cartoon posters (See: Axis of Evil. Dude, the rhetoric was Axis of Boring, ok?), and Piovesan: Disendorsed by Aaron at the Devil’s Advocate.

Worst nomination in this category: The Underground with the Cloverfield poster. Sure, it may be a poster, but did they run in the elections? Nooooo. And did you pay any attention to the elections at all? ….

Best Embarrasing Moment

“The fear-stricken eyes in the ranks of the senate candidates when they were asked to display personality” – Maayan from the Insiders, in her nomination. Indeed, folks, as I mentioned in this post, most of them failed to show any real personality at all.

Honourable mentions: Freeman being shamed by the audience for his comment on international students, and Mike Duncan in Debate numero uno.

and finally,

Best Dall-Dropping

The man himself: Brendan Piovesan
“I can has election?”

Honourable mentions: None.


Well, thanks for reading (both here and at the Devil’s Advocate). We’ll be covering the VP Admin race so check back for more coverage. Congrats to all the winning candidates for running our student society next year, and to all the losing ones to have time to actually go to school.



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