Executive interview series, part V: Brittany Tyson, VP finance

Last, but certainly not least in our riveting executive interview series is Brittany Tyson. We sat down to chat about a month and a half ago, so don’t be surprised if that we’re talking about the PiR^2 rennovations “right now”!. I must say that Brittany is one of the most frighteningly competent people I’ve ever met. She had prepared written notes and some specific number crunching before our interview, and talked about everything in meticulous detail.

Anyway, have a listen, and learn about how budgeting works, what the various AMS budgeting categories and departments are, how to revive sprouts, Club administration, and the prospects for a unified meal card for AMS food services.

click HERE to listen!

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President: Jeff
VP Academic: Brendon
AP Admin: Sarah
VP External: Matthew


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