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Executive interview series part II: Brendon Goodmurphy

The series resumes, at last, with a conversation with our AMS VP Academic.Brendon and I sat down today to discuss U-boulevard, the new Acadmic quality committee, “consultation,” daycare, and the AMS-university relationship. have a listen HERE Some randomly summarized items are: AMS Planning & Developement committtee is coming up with a concrete consultation plan to [...]

Labrat missives – how to find a summer job you hate

It’s seven pm and here I am at the lab, with no prospects of leaving for at least 2 hours. The summer job is no longer just an institution, it’s a necessity. With debt burden higher than ever, and professional competition ingrained in our young but pragmatic psyches, not only do students need to make [...]

AMS meeting May 2, or, concerning U Blvd.

We’ve been a little negligent of late, admittedly. Exams, Tim out of town, me just starting work, and other excuses abound. But don’t give up on us! There is some neat stuff coming up. Yep, yesterday was summer’s first AMS council meeting. The free food was scarce, and the atmosphere tense. The order of business [...]

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