Executive interview series part III: Sarah Naiman

Listen to me conduct a WHOLE interview with a woman politician without one mention of her hair, boyfriends, shoes, or smile. It’ll be brilliant.
Coming up later this week: Engineering’s bizarre shame.

Sarah Naiman, the AMS VP admin, and third executive to sit in the hot seat talked about SUB renovations, student life, and club issues. I think some of the topics that come up in the interview are not fully introduced, so here’s a basic primer on the main ones:

Sarah’s two main campaign promises, enhancing student life and streamlining the red tape for clubs, seem to be on their way:

On her renovation agenda this summer is the Pit Pub, which will be getting a makeover. Another student life related item is the huge new (yellow) AMS events calendar plastering the wall of the SUB nook (next to blue chip). Check it out for weekly AMS and undergrad society events. The YouBC video contest that Sarah organized last month was also a fun initiative. People were able to submit videos they had created to win prizes and untold UBC fame. Unfortunately, the calendar wasn’t updated for about a month (though it now is), and the video contest website (soundoff.ubc.ca) could not be updated with the winners – both due to personnel switchover problems. hmmm.

The other highlight is the AMS’s plan to adopt a cool facebook-like computer program that will revolutionize club administration and communication – enabling everything from online club elections, to room bookings, to discussion forums, to banking for clubs. This program is called SA link. It was introduced at the last AMS meeting by a company representative, and seems like a great tool. Sarah Naiman and the exec are in the process of convincing the university to integrate this program with the Campus Wide Login system.

Listen to the interview HERE
(with the added bonus of an interlude from AMS prez Jeff Friedrich,
who couldn’r resist getting in on some of the action.)

In case you missed his interview, check it out here (click)


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